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Search Engine Optimization is an art form. It is a science. It is an entire way of life and thinking. For you to effectively implement SEO Tactics on your website or blog, it's important that you constantly verify that the knowledge in your tool belt is up-to-date. Google updates keep changing the rules. Here is a library of the most helpful resources to train your brain to win the SEO race.

excerpt by Daniel Lofaso:

"Instead of targeting keywords or topics that have high volume, we need to target keywords and topics that we actually have a chance to rank for, making the best use of our time and SEO efforts.

So what if there were a way to guarantee that the content you write would actually rank with little or no link building efforts?

A way that purely relied on very systematic keyword research to find topics, sub-topics, and long-tail keywords that could be used to create resounding content marketing strategies and drive loads of traffic to the content you produced?

There is a way and I have aptly named it “Holy Grail SEO.”

We know the Holy Grail in Arthurian literature as a cup that has magical powers to provide happiness and infinite abundance. You, too, can do SEO that uses Holy Grail SEO tactics: target high volume, low competition keywords.

Keep reading to learn more about Holy Grail SEO and:

  • The importance of low competition keywords and who should be going after them.

  • Where to find high volume, low competition keywords.

  • How to use keyword competition data together to create complete topics.

  • How to generate happiness and abundance through your SEO and content."

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