Online SEO Tactics

"Why do I keep failing at Search Engine Optimization?"

Most website designers, novice and expert alike, focus too much on aesthetics, without stopping to consider how negatively their cool graphic might impact critical search engine rankings. So even though you might have the best-looking homepage on the web, nobody can see you.

SEO in a nutshell

SEO is tricky to properly implement, but relatively easy to explain.

What SEO means

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This means making adjustments to your website that will make you irresistible to search engines like Google, YouTube, and Bing.

What SEO is

SEO is optimizing your website for search matches, making connections with search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, ASR, and many more.

Without these connections, your site will remain buried deep in the bottom of the search results, if you can rank at all.

How SEO works

SEO is a series of ongoing updates to–and possibly a full restructuring of–your entire website and social media presence. Tasks like researching and adding high search volume (SV), relevant keywords and content, optimizing for an easy and rewarding user experience (UX), and connecting your pages accurately both within and linked out will tell Google, Yahoo, etc. that you’re offering something valuable and relevant to users’ search terms.

What SEO does

Search engines will display your site higher in the results depending on how well you practice good SEO. This also means keeping it up to date with the ever-changing behaviors of online viewers and shoppers, as well as mysterious algorithm updates released by Google with little or no details.

SEO is easy, good SEO is harder

Instituting good SEO practices can be simple to start, but getting top billing in the results and staying there takes time, patience, consistency, and research. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers and anyone else trying to survive online and draw traffic already have enough on their plate. Most of the time your best option is to leave it to the professionals.